As you navigate around our website – you might come across a suggestion that there was some form of extraterrestrial influence behind the disappearance case.

It is important to state that we aren’t conspiracy theorists, but with the Universe as big as it is, it would be arrogant and ignorant to state that we are certainly alone.

When looking at the big picture, it is likely that there is life out there – and what’s to say that other life forms haven’t made contact with us already?

In this article, we provide our position on the extraterrestrial, and explain our reasoning for this.

Extraterrestrial life could be out there

What is the definition of extraterrestrial life?

A simple definition of the term “extraterrestrial” is to describe a life form that exists outside of the earth or its atmosphere.

In the context of this website, it relates to the suggestion that there may be forms of life outside of our galaxy – what many would refer to as “aliens”.

We immediately associate aliens with UFO’s – and plenty of disappearances across this website do involve an unidentified flying object.

In our immediate atmosphere, it appears that no extraterrestrial life forms exist – but there is also no proof that they don’t exist.

Life on the plant Mars has long been a topic of debate, while Jupiter’s moon Europa and two moons of Saturn’s – Titan and Enceladus – have also attracted interest in regards to their potential for harbouring other life forms.

The scientific and logical case for extraterrestrial life

To begin with, it should be noted that our galaxy contains approximately 300 billion stars, with many planets in proximity to these stars. Scientists continue to discover more planets.

It is important to note that the above is just taking our galaxy into account. Scientists believe that there are around 150billion galaxies in the universe.

When looking at these numbers, it becomes hard to believe that planet Earth has the only life forms. Then importantly, some of these life forms could potentially have come over to our planet, and carried out abductions.

Some say that if extraterrestrial life existed – that we would have heard from them already. But communication can be difficult, and it is possible that a message would take thousands of years to reach us.

Then there is also the chance that extraterrestrial life existed before, but just not at the same time as us. Other life forms might have existed thousands of years ago.

Like our ultimate demise on Earth might be due to global warming or nuclear war, other life forms may have had their own crisis which resulted in their life form becoming extinct, and not existing at the same time as us.

Various expeditions, sound recordings, camera footage, fossils, bacteria, elements and other data that have taken place down the years have also showed potential signs of extraterrestrial life.


With all of the above taken into account, we believe it is appropriate to consider extraterrestrial life a strong possibility.

Therefore do consider extraterrestrial involvement in the disappearances profiled on this website. As the reader, it is up to you to form your own opinion.

Hopefully this article has provided some reasoning behind why extraterrestrial theories are never discounted on this website.

We are firm believers that anything is possible, and that extraterrestrial life is real. This stance is reflected throughout the website.

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