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The disappearance of Jordan Moray is incredibly bizarre and tragic in equal measures. His disappearance seemingly has no explanation, resulting in hurt for his family and friends.

Moray was reported as missing in August 2019, despite leaving nearly all of his possessions behind and his games console switched on. There have been many reported sightings of Moray and his whereabouts are subject to much debate.

In this article, we analyse this baffling case. There is a reader’s poll at the end of the article, which you can vote on. This will allow us all to see what the most common consensus on what happened is.

There are a plethora of unanswered questions in this case


Jordan Moray was 33 at the time of his disappearance and lived in Aberdare, Wales. Moray lived a rather solitary life, with a lot of time spent in his own company.

Moray had a keen interest in boxing and had competed competitively at the sport in the past. He had a strong passion for outdoor activities.

The Disappearance

Moray was last seen after being dropped off at his home by his mother. He said that he would see her the next day. However, this didn’t ever happen.

After not being able to reach Moray by phone in the following days, his mother went to visit his house on 2nd August 2019.

After arriving, she found that the door to Moray’s flat was unlocked. Upon entering, she found a strange scene. His PlayStation console was switched on, his phone was on charge, but crucially there was no sign of Moray.

There was nothing to suggest that Moray had left in a panic or in a hurry. However, they noticed that his rucksack, trainers and headlamp were all missing. This suggested he might have left to go somewhere.

Jordan was reported as missing by his family members. The way in which his house had been left suggested he had just nipped out quickly – but this didn’t seem to be the case.

The Investigation

After being reported as missing, the Police launched a search. They carried out searches in the local area, mountains and woodland around Aberdare but were unable to make any progress in the case.

He was last seen on CCTV on 24th July buying some water in a local store. However, the Police found that there was no CCTV in the area of Moray’s flat.

Therefore, they were unable to find out when Jordan left his flat, the time of day/night, if he was with anyone, or what he was wearing. This hindered their investigation.

Forensic analysis of his flat found that there was no evidence of anyone else being in the flat. Moreover, there was no sign of a struggle, suggesting that Jordan had left voluntarily.

The lack of knowledge as to when precisely Jordan disappeared between 24th July and 2nd August was a huge problem to investigators. It left them with an impossibly large window of time to analyse.

The Police also found that there had been no activity with his finances – with no cards being used or cash being withdrawn. It certainly seemed that Moray had left his life behind – either intentionally or unintentionally.

Unfortunately, despite a strong effort, the Police were unable to locate Moray. While they continue to have hope that Moray will be found, their initial investigation failed to find what had happened.

Later Developments

The case of Jordan Moray has attracted a large following online. Since his disappearance, there have been many reported sightings of Moray.

One of the most important reported sightings was captured on doorbell footage. The doorbell footage came from outside Jordan’s brother Josh’s house. The man in the footage appeared to have camouflage paint on his face, but his family believe that the figure in the footage resembles Jordan.

Another significant reported sightings came from a member of the public from the outskirts of London (Stratford-upon-Avon). He came forward to say how he had been approached by a man who said that he was living on the streets but was planning on visiting his brother – with the member of the public saying that the person looked like Moray. He only found out about Moray’s disappearance many months after the encounter, but after making a connection, he reported this to the Police.

In 2023, an episode of the British TV show Vanished resulted in renewed interest in the case. There was also the publication of a heavily-advertised letter.

This letter had been received by the Police just three months after Jordan went missing. The anonymous letter was from someone that believed they had heard Jordan on the night of his disappearance – potentially in danger. The excerpt of the letter released read:

I saw [a] Land Rover parked up on a curb near [a] comprehensive school. Not thinking I walked past it. It was dark and quiet up until I reached 100 yards. I heard rustling in wasteland behind rocks and boulders by the school. Then I heard someone shout: “If there’s anyone out there, help me.” At first I thought boys messing about – always youngsters driving round early hours of the morning up to no good. But then I heard someone shout out again: “Help me”

Why it took almost four years for this to be released is unknown. In the aftermath, many criticised both the Police for holding this information, and the member of public for walking away.

The member of the public said that this happened between 2am and 3.30am near to Moray’s house. Its authenticity hasn’t been confirmed, but the Police believe that it is legitimate.

In 2019, the Police had appealed for a man named Kevin Humphreys to come forward about the letter – with the letter presumably being signed off with this name. But this was strangely omitted from recent appeals. As a result, it is fair to ascertain that the Police did not think the writer of the letter was using their real name.

Jordan’s mother Debbie has been left devastated by the disappearance. She said in an interview “why would he do it to me” and saying she was “just heartbroken” by the case.

The doorbell footage: could this be Jordan Moray?


There are a few different theories that have been put forward to explain Moray’s disappearance. They include the possibility of both Jordan being alive or tragically being dead.

We take a look at the evidence of each theory:

Theory One: Jordan Moray left on purpose and is living on the streets

Throughout the investigation, there have been suggestions that Jordan does not want to be found. While his rationale for this isn’t known, it is his life, and he is entitled to keep to himself if he would like.

The family’s dynamics are not entirely known. There have been suggestions that there was tension in the Moray family. Jordan may have fallen out with members of his family and left on purpose to live on the streets.

If he was living on the streets, then it could explain the potential sightings. Also, there is a degree of similarity between Jordan and the figure in the grainy doorbell footage.

As a big fan of the outdoors, Jordan would have been better equipped than most to survive the elements and live on the streets.

However, would anyone really voluntarily live on the streets? It is a big decision and would have few advantages over living in a flat. His face is also well known across the United Kingdom – making it difficult for him to live undetected.

Moreover, it did appear that Jordan had left without planning. Living on the streets is quite a dramatic choice. The way his flat was left would suggest he hadn’t planned on such a drastic move. It looked like he had left to go somewhere just temporarily.

He surely would have taken his cash, wouldn’t have left his phone on charge and sold valuables like his games console ahead of leaving. When we look in detail, him making such a drastic decision just doesn’t seem feasible.

Theory Two: Jordan Moray was taken by force and then killed

There is some evidence to suggest there was foul play involved in Moray’s disappearance. This would probably involve Moray being taken by force and sadly killed at a later date.

The letter sent from the member of the public suggests that it is possible that Jordan was in danger, calling out for help. He might have been under threat at the time.

Because of Jordan’s somewhat reclusive life, there is very little known about whether or not he was involved with any dangerous people. But if he unfortunately was, then he may have been taken by force.

This is pure speculation though. There is nothing to suggest this did happen. But it is a possibility – and could explain what happened to Jordan. If this theory is accurate, he sadly may have been killed.

However, forensic investigations found that there was no sign of a struggle at his residence. But this does become a moot point if Jordan was forced to leave his home by the assailant either at gunpoint or knifepoint.

Theory Three: Jordan Moray left on purpose and took his own life

Jordan might have left intentionally, but with the intention of taking his own life. It could explain why he left his phone and cash, as he may have felt there was no need in taking these.

As an experienced hiker, Jordan would have known some peaceful and quiet locations. This might have been seen as a pleasant location to end his life. If he did choose to do so, he might have chosen an area so secluded that he has never been found.

However, he was not known to be suffering from any mental illness at the time. There was no forensic evidence of any self-harm or discussions with anyone about suicidal ideation. Moreover, it is also unlikely that his body would have never been found, especially given the length of time he has been missing.

The way he left his flat would also suggest he was planning on coming back shortly – which is not in keeping with this theory.

Theory Four: Jordan Moray left on purpose and became injured

Alternatively, Jordan may have left on his own accord, but got injured while outside. He seemingly took his walking gear, suggesting that he was going out for a hike – something that he was a fan of.

He could feasibly have left his phone, cash and games console – especially if he was just going out for a quick walk. This would explain why his flat didn’t show any sign of a planned exit.

But while on his walk, it is possible that he could have fell from a height or got lost. While an experienced trekker like Jordan would be unlikely to make mistakes, it is possible that he died whilst out on the walk.

If he fell in a remote area, it would explain why his body has never been found and the state that his flat was found in. With him often trekking in the Brecon Beacons – a large mountain range – this is certainly likely.

This theory certainly ticks many boxes. However, it could be argued that it is unlikely that Jordan would find himself in such a situation, as his body completely disappearing – regardless of a fall from height or darkness – seems unlikely. The chances are that he would be found at some point.

Presumably if he did fall or get an injury, it would likely be in a location he was not familiar with. If this was the case, then surely Jordan would have taken his phone with him? His mother said that Jordan always took his phone with him on walks.

Instead, it looked as if he was just going for a short walk – one that he would be familiar with and less vulnerable to any fall or accident. This does cause some problems with this theory.

Reader Vote

Now that you have read the above theories, please vote on the theory that you think is most accurate in the poll below. You will see the overall consensus after casting your vote.

What Happened to Jordan Moray?


Jordan Moray’s disappearance has left a huge impact on those he has left behind. His family continue to try and spread awareness of Jordan’s case, and continue to place posters around Stratford-upon-Avon and Aberdare.

They hope that he will one day return. There is a strong belief that this case may one day be solved. But for now, there is no sign of Jordan Moray, with his whereabouts and status unknown.

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