Welcome to Mysterious Disappearances! This website is dedicated to profiling some of the most unexplained disappearances in history.

Tragically, many people go missing, and while the majority are found safe, or are harrowingly found dead, a third bracket does exist. This final bracket refers to the disappearances that are simply unexplained – no body will have ever showed up, nor would the person ever be seen again.

As a result, these disappearances become incredibly mysterious. While this website has been setup to profile various disappearances, we hope that by raising awareness of these mysteries, that someone, somewhere, may be able to help.

Over time, we are attempting to profile as many mysterious disappearances as possible. From Prime Ministers to coffee barista’s, we’re hoping to shed some light on a variety of cases.

Thank you for navigating to our website. We hope you enjoy the content on this site. Above all, if you have any information on any of the disappearances profiled on this website, please do contact us. Thank you for being here!